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Nubian-Te Kempo = One system of self-defenes.

The M.A.S.E. objective is to provide an umbrella for those youth that desire membership and support from the B.E.S.T. Karate Club for peace. Our approach to training will provide discipline, physical and mental health and wellness benefits for the youth in the inner-city.

We will measure our accomplishment by membership, community acceptance/support, newsletters, and participation. Every member will receive a B.E.S.T. membership identification card and pray-fully a patch and label pin that will identify them as a B.E.S.T. Karate Peace warrior.
We offer the following types of martial arts:

  • Chinese Kempo - Taekwondo - San Shou - GungFu - Boxing.

Mr. Pettis grew up in Springfield, Ill. and Toledo, Ohio starting his training in 1975. He is most accredited studying Chinese Kempo.  The year was 1977 when he met Mr. Mike Sherman a great Kempo Sensei. He diligently trained for years earning his Black belt in Kempo Karate. Mr. Pettis has trained in boxing, shoot wrestling, Tae Kwon do and other disciplines of Martial Arts. A 2nd degree Black belt, Mr. Pettis has been training and studying Martial Arts for over 28 years, dedicating his life to furthering the Martial Arts life-style. Sensei Pettis a youth mentor, Fathers Advocate, and Community activist teaches a program that strives to instill Self-discipline and Moral character to inner-city youth.